Sunday, August 4, 2013

Rose and the Ninth Doctor-inspired Outfits

Posted by Hannah, fashion columnist for TARDIS Magazine

Hi! I'm Hannah, the fashion columnist for TARDIS magazine. My first outfits are of the Ninth Doctor and Rose Tyler, both for females, from Season One, Episode One: "Rose." :-)

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For Rose, very little makeup is needed. Just a bit of blush, mascara and lip gloss, all in a light pink/tan shade, with the mascara being dark black.

A pink tank top looks great if matched with a darker pink zip-up hoodie. Jeans with flared bottoms- not bell bottoms, but flared.

Hoop earrings in gold or silver are pretty much a simple must-have. White tennis shoes are a good idea, and a multi-colored in blocks or splatters messenger bag is not a must-have, but is good for a Rose Tyler look.
Now onto Nine- he's a bit simpler, and make-up is optional, even if you are doing a female dress-up/cosplay.

You'll want to have black lace-up boots, absolutely NOT cowboy boots, and either black trousers or a leather/black skirt.

You'll need a dark coloured jumper, preferably in green or purple, and a leather jacket. A key on a string or chain and put on as a necklace is an optional and fun way to add a bit more flair as well.

Hope all your dress ups are great! 'Till next time, Whovians!


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Allison said...

I like how you called the green sweater a jumper like the British do. :)